Welcome to the Green House

Welcome! Ms. Flandrick has filled our classroom green house with her favorite books in various genres and formats. Take a look around, you might find a few new books to add to your literary bouquet!


About Ms. Flandrick: Ms. Flandrick is a sophomore at the University of Minnesota majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Racial Justice in Urban Schools  and Teaching English as a Second Language. Ms. Flandrick’s favorite books when she was in elementary school were the Harry Potter books. She still reads them today!




Diversity Links:

Closing the diversity gap in children’s literature is a task we all need to take on. Click this link to discover why it matters and books we can read to start the process. 

We need diverse books and here’s why.

Books with diverse characters don’t always come with diverse authors. Create space on your bookshelf for diverse authors. Find a short list of #OwnVoices authors and books here.

Wondering why it matters? Click here to read more.

Are you unsure of the authenticity of the book you’ve chosen? Here’s one site that might help.